Promotional Products! Aaagggh. Why Bhy?

There isn’t a worthy Promoter (in any walk medium).be it Religion, Sales, Science, Politics) that won’t encourage Idea scrutiny. If it doesn’t pass the sniff test then do more homework – but! if it makes sense at the gut level then you’ve hit pay dirt – again. And when it comes to spending money on Promotional Products use the same innate powers of discernment. Here are 5 reason (we) suggest you consider Promotional Products to promote your BEST INTERESTS!

1. Lifespan: Promotional Products have a long lifespan. They have the staying power that emails, mail outs and direct marketing don’t possess. When you purchase a USEFUL promotional product you are guaranteed it will be seen or worn in the office, home, Yoga class, Super market. The (useful) and sought after Branded gift is a powerful way of increasing your presence in the buying community.

2. Cost: Think everything is going to break the bank? Nay, not so….ask your Promo Supplier to source : good. Better and Best so you can budget accordingly. Business people know and how and when to be competitive. You are the same. The old maxim, “ it never hurts to ask” ….turns out to be true after all – why not try it this year. Then as you grow – you will naturally spend more by way of Acknowledging your best Clients.

3. IMAGE, yes image. People (read Consumers) want to be seen and associated with Strong Contenders. Winners make an impression. A contemporary and professionally appointed Promotional Gift carries weight with your Clients. The sub conscience is a powerful EVALUATOR. Think people don’t notice – this week watch what ‘turns your head’ at the Gym, at the Bank, at the Lawyers’. Nothing? Then nothing. But, if something turns your head…that’s the direction you go.

4. Be CREATIVE: Ask your Promoter to be CREATIVE. Go further a field…if you want to be noticed – this is where you need to work. Check out the showy, heady, narcissistic haunts of NYC. This world is made up of millions of creative people. Find them, patronize them and then vet their ideas. Develop your own strategy for finding what sings in this world. Get noticed!

5. Be Generous in Community and Business. Saying Thank you, I appreciate all you do. Without you we wouldn’t be successful. Who thanks You? Who do you sincerely need to acknowledge. There are so many options these days. Again, tell your Promoter what you want to say and then let them do the work for you. You will be very pleasantly surprised at how the world of Promotional Products has changed since the DEATH OF THAT DEAR OLD SALESMAN.

Best, Vickie


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