Don’t Kill the Message(r).

If a Promotional Product is a Message to your Clients – what is your MESSAGE saying about your Company? Are you choosing the most Vocal Promotional product? –or are you choosing the whimper? And, what about your Client’s Client – what do you know about their ‘end user?’. Think that’s not important – you might want to think again. Next time you are ready to buy Promotional Products try this, ask your Promotional Provider to identify the TOP sellers of the last 18 months by Price and by quantity. We will quickly be able to give you the list. But don’t take our word for it… don’t dismiss your own unconscious consumer product fact-finding. If you and I can name the products that have the most appeal…so can your Client. Choose wisely.

It’s not just the Company that will be receiving your Promotional Products that matters – it’s equally important you KNOW what’s important to your Clients’ Client. The key is to connect with your own Client on a more personal basis so when you are BUYING promo pens you know exactly what they LIKE and what they don’t like. I’m guessing you don’t really know the people who are important to your own Valued Client. One day two new Clients (former Bankers) came to us with a small Budget for pens and jackets. One of the young men was clearly Type A and he dominated the discussion ; the other man was all but invisible. Mr. Type A wanted the fewest pens and ‘make them cheap too.’ In frustration an hour later we were no further ahead…I was about to ‘blow them off’… But I looked across the table to Mr. Invisible and asked him, “What is your favourite pen?” Suddenly he became highly animated and spoke passionately about the ‘BEST PEN’ his former Bank (employer) ever gave away. We knew the pen and we sold the pen. It was an AH-HA moment of listening to our new Client. And as it happens, once the right PRODUCT was identified our NEW client gave us a very healthy order. Lesson; If you want to create a lasting Partnership with your Client and separate yourselves from the Competition be prepared to LISTEN for the clues…because, believe it or not – they are there. It’s like mining for Gold. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

What to take from this message;

1. Your Promo Provider knows the hot sellers and why they are hot. From the list your Promo Provider supplies, ask 5 of your own Clients what they would like to receive. The list will dove tail. Then purchase accordingly.
2. Listen to the Clues. We all want to talk about our favourite pen….no, seriously. (next time you’re at the water cooler why not ask)

Til next time, I am the Conspicuous Promoter.


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